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Does it really make a difference what wine you pair with your food? I mean, to be totally honest, I drink my favorite Cab with pretty much anything. Especially if it’s the end of a Friday and mama just needs to loosen up a little, ya know? However, the more I read about wine and the complexities of this luxurious libation, the more I do want to branch out and think outside my Cab box and maybe, just maybe try something new. Continue reading Food and Wine Pairing for your next Dinner Party

Spiral Cellar
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I just came across the most amazing and innovative way to store your wine, I am not kidding, it made me squeal a little with delight.  Imagine this – you’re hosting a dinner party and you go to retrieve your best wine for the occasion in your wine cellar, concealed under the floor, beneath a trap-door.  You open the door and descend down a spiral staircase and choose a perfectly and naturally chilled bottle of pinot and ascend through the floor to the utter astonishment of your guests.  This is for real.

Continue reading Spiral Wine Cellars: Staircase to Wine-derland

Is Your Collection Ready For A Koldfront Wine Cooler?

Curious about the Koldfront brand?  Here are four units for you to take into consideration.  Most  of these fridges are thermoelectric, meaning that they are generally quieter than the larger compressor coolers.  They are also more energy efficient and for the price, do a pretty decent job at chilling your favorite wines.  Continue reading Is Your Collection Ready For A Koldfront Wine Cooler?