2019 Wine Gift Ideas!

What do you get for the person who doesn’t NEED any more STUFF? Wine stuff, of course!

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1. Wine Travel Picnic Bag

OK, who wouldn’t love to go out for a picnic with this travel wine tote? Gentlemen, prepare to dazzle your gal with a most sophisticated date!

2. Wine Tote with Tumblers

Speaking of wine and picnics…here’s another wine tote that can fit 2 bottles of your favorite vino and comes with those beautiful aqua tumblers!

3. Wine Decanter

A sophisticated gift to receive and give is this 100% Hand blown glass wine decanter! Give the gift of a rich glass of wine – this decanter allows your wine to ‘breathe’ after being all bottled up and releases its rich flavor and aroma.

4. Wine Folly

Give the gift of wine knowledge, with this oxymoronic titled Wine Manual! Wine Folly has excellent guides for all things vino from wine and food pairing to the 50 shades of orange and pink in your Rosé.

5. Sip Caddy Wine Glass

A luxurious bottle of bubble bath and someone’s favorite wine would pair well with this caddy! Perfect for stockings too!

6. Tequila Mockingbird

For the literary wine imbiber! Tales and cocktails combine in this clever book. Brief descriptions of well-know novels are paired with a punch-y cocktail to go-with!

7. Wine Cork Holder

Yes, it’s a monogram, but it’s functional! For the Southerners and Northerners and those in between on your list. Or for Aunt Martha who likes to craft…

8. Wine Chilling Tumbler Cups

Pop these tumblers in the freezer for a couple hours before serving wine in them and have your wine chilled to perfection! An innovative gift for the precise temperature person on your list – keeps wine at 43-53º F.

9. Humorous Wine Stoppers

Comes with a great gift box! Just buy and go to that dinner party – no fussing with tissue paper and the sort.

10. Funny Socks

We’ve all seen these advertised somewhere or other, but have you actually bought a pair? I bet they’re funnier in person…and could potentially work. Odds are worth it, and everyone needs socks, right?

11. Antoni Barcelona Wine Glasses

These are too exquisite to pass by. Each one is a work of art – mouth blown by the most experienced glass blowers. A unique and gorgeous gift idea.

12. Cat’s got your Wine? Holder

Now your crazy cat friend can look a little more sophisti-cat-ed with a cat holding a wine bottle…maybe. The metal work adds a fun vibe without getting too furry.

13. On the Go 4 Bottle Wine Carrier

This looks sooooo Parisian and chic non? I love the look of this! Bring your wine with you and keep them safe and insulated while looking oh so élégant!

14. Wall Mounted Wine Shelf

Look closely! You can keep those sentimental wine corks too in this shelf! Display up to 5 bottles of wine and 4 glasses in this functional piece of wine art.

Happy Wine Shopping and Imbibing!


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