AKDY Wine Coolers: Thermoelectric Wonders!

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AKDY Wine Coolers: If you’re looking for a smaller capacity wine fridge, check out these AKDY thermoelectric wine coolers that we’ve reviewed for you below.

What is “thermoelectric”?

These AKDY wine coolers are electrically powered, meaning that they are super quiet.  Unlike compressor coolers that require coolants, thermoelectric coolers are almost completely silent and they don’t emit CFCs; (what are CFCs?) making them an environmentally conscious unit to own.  However, keep in mind that they will build up a small amount of heat in the rear vent so place your unit in an appropriate area.

Thermoelectric wine coolers need an ambient temperature, meaning that they don’t operate as well in fluctuating temperatures (extreme heat or cold).  They will maintain even cooling with a stable environment. (Read more about thermoelectric technology!)

We’ve reviewed four of AKDY’s top-rated wine coolers below to help you decide which one will best suit your needs.  Keep reading or use the table below to take you to where you want to go!


1.  AKDY 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler (Amazon)

AKDY Wine Coolers
AKDY 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler

Two Zones

This wine cooler allows you to control the temperature range from 50 degrees F to 66 degrees F to chill your whites and reds accordingly.

Quiet & Vibration Free

As mentioned above, the thermoelectric style of this unit makes it virtually silent.  Adjustable legs also allow you to place the fridge on inclined surfaces and keeps it vibration free.  This alone will keep your wine from turning sour on you because bottle sediment won’t be disturbed.  

You can have peace of mind and a peaceful environment with this fridge.


An elegant and ultra modern electronic touchpad gives you control of what temperatures your wines will be chilled at.  Cool LED display gives a great effect.

Won’t Add to your Energy Bill   

These units consume low energy and are built with advanced heat dissipation. Plus, the LED internal lighting is also an energy saver = money saver = happy wallet. 🙂

Shelving & Appearance

14 wooden shelves pull out for you to store and retrieve your wine bottles easily.  The double paned glass door frame keeps this unit looking and feeling cool.


  • 15.5(2x 7.75)” W x 13″ L x 28″ H – Internal Dimensions
  • 20.67″ W x 20.27″ L x 32.28″ H – External Dimensions
  • Model Info: AK-WC0022
  • Vent in rear of unit
  • 4 fans
  • 2 bulbs
  • 100-120V/60Hz
  • 70W power
  • 71.9 lbs
  • Warranty – One Year Parts


This fridge has received a lot of positive feedback.  It seems like a great starter fridge for your wine collecting and won’t take up a lot of space.  Keep in mind that you will have to adjust/remove shelving to store larger bottles of wine; the fridge cannot store bottles that are longer than 13 inches long.  If you have under the counter space, this little unit can fit right in if given enough ventilation space.  It also works great as a freestanding fridge.


2.  AKDY 32 Bottle Electric Wine Cooler Cellar, Single Zone (Amazon)

AKDY Wine Coolers
AKDY 32 Bottle Electric Wine Cooler Cellar

Single Zone

If you’re not fussy about having two temperature zones in your wine cooler and want to keep it simple, opt for the single zone version of this fridge.  It has all the bells and whistles of the dual zone, but keeps your wines chilled at one temperature – perfect for someone who wants to keep just reds, or whites, in their fridge.

It’s Pretty

A silver cabinet with stainless steel door trim makes this a handsome fridge.  LED lighting gives your wines a cool glow, electronic touchpad for you to adjust, and double glass windows compliment this modern unit.


  • Dimensions: 21 x 16.2 x 31.7 inches
  • Model Info: EA44EC-75
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Silver color
  • Touch panel button controls
  • Internal LED lighting


This is the cousin to the dual zone fridge we just looked and it receives praises as well.  Once again, you need to consider the ambient temperature because this will affect the internal temperature of your unit.  Some customers have said that the temperature displayed is off by a few degrees from inside the fridge, so to set your temperature accordingly.  Otherwise, it seems to do the job and look great while doing it!


3.  AKDY 28 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler (Amazon)

AKDY Wine Coolers
AKDY 28 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler

This sweet little unit is a great addition to your home, especially if you don’t have a lot of wine fridge real estate available.

How does this unit differ from the others?

Out of all the AKDY Wine Coolers we’re reviewing here, this one differs in price!  You’re saving some cash by purchasing this unit that’s really only 4 bottle spaces smaller than the 32 bottle fridge.  So, basically, it’s the number of bottles you can store in this fridge that sets it slightly apart from the previous units.  Other than some varying specs (this one is single zone), it has all the features of the 32 bottle capacity fridges.


  • 6 metal wire shelving racks
  • 14″ W x 13″ L x 24.75″ H – Internal Dimensions
  • 16.93″ W x 20.27″ L x 28.58″ H – External Dimensions
  • Model Info: WC0015
  • Single zone
  • 1 door (black color)
  • Door is not reversible
  • 1 fan
  • Shelving can be removed
  • 1 bulb
  • 100-120V/60Hz
  • 70W power
  • 42.5 lbs
  • Warranty: One year parts

For You?

This  fridge has all the great features as the slightly bigger 32 bottle unit, and it’s even more affordable!


4.  AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler (Amazon)

AKDY Wine Coolers
AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

 Out of the AKDY Wine Coolers we’re reviewing, this unit can be placed on your countertop for easy access!  With room for 21 bottles, it’s a compact little fridge but packs a punch with dual zones and other cool features.

What’s Different About This Unit?

While maintaining similar features such as LED internal lighting, low energy consumption, electronic touchpad, adjustable temperature control, and the thermoelectric super quiet cooling system, there are some obvious variations to size, weight, etc.  Here they are:

  • 10.5″W x 13″L x 28″H – Internal Dimensions
  • 13.38″W x 20.27″L x 32.28″H – External Dimensions
  • Model Info: WC0021
  • No reversible door
  • Black color
  • Double paned glass
  • 7 wooden shelves
  • Freestanding adjustable legs
  • 100-120V/60Hz voltage
  • 70W Power
  • 46.7lbs
  • One year parts warranty

Your Decision

This is perfect size fridge for a small space or just a smaller wine collection.  Customers love how quiet it is!  The one complaint that we came across was that the shelves seemed to be a little too tight to fit all 21 bottles.  This is a common complaint because some wine bottles are just bigger than others.  Otherwise, happy wine drinkers come with this unit!


There you have it! These AKDY Wine Coolers are great for the cooling and easy on the budget.  (For more thermoelectric options, check out Koldfront wine coolers!)

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