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What IS the BEST Wine Cooler, anyway? Like any purchase-able item in America, we have too many options to choose from. This can make decision-making “easy” in the sense that you can choose what suits you best. But it can also make researching a product very time-consuming and grueling because there are a million options to choose from. Right?

Well, here we have narrowed it down at least a little bit for you. Instead of a gazillion wine coolers to choose from, check out these top 6 coolers that we’ve reviewed and researched already for you.

If you’re budget-conscious, there’s a great cooler for you below. If you’re an experienced wine collector and want to spend a little extra to keep your $800.00 bottle of 1971 Chåteau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac Bordeaux from going south, we’ve also reviewed some higher caliber coolers for Mr. Rothschilds and his friends.

Get out your EASY button, because this is going to be a breeze!


1.  Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

First off, Thermoelectric Wine Coolers are  generally known to be quiet. Because they don’t have a compressor motor, they won’t disturb your Friday night movie nights with incessant hums that can drive some people crazy.

This is a sweet little unit, just big enough to hold a dozen of your favorite vintages and small enough to place on your counter-top or in a bottom cabinet space – providing you leave ample room for venting. You can’t really go wrong with this cooler for the price and for the great innovative design.

This cooler has received excellent ratings for this one feature: vertical storage. That’s right, you have the opportunity to stand your bottles upright. So you don’t have to worry about that opened bottle of Pinot lying on its side, dribbling precious grape nectar and making a sticky mess inside your cooler.  The unit allows for 8 bottles to be stored horizontally and 4 vertically. Isn’t it great to have options? The shelves are removable as well, giving you more storage options.

Avanti makes a stylish cooler with a curved glass door, platinum finished accents, and classic black cabinet. It will look nice with any decor. Digital display and temperature control are at your fingertips. A glowing LED interior light will illumine your collection and comes with an automatic power-off switch, saving you a little more cash on your electricity bill 😉

Overall, you’re getting a great deal with this best wine cooler. Perfect for apartment living or even your RV!

For more Thermoelectric Wonders, here are some AKDY Wine Cooler Reviews.

2. Haier 18 Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine Cellar

If you want just a tad more storage space than the 12 bottle cooler, check out this best wine cooler: the Haier unit which stores 18 bottles and has happy customers.

A little more room and dual zone options have customers pleased as punch, or wine, with this unit. It’s sleek and the super compact design give you a plethora of options for installation. Noise-free, vibration-free, and the modern design of this fridge come together for a perfect  little storage unit for your wine. It comes with your

It comes with your LED displays and touch screen temperature control buttons – 46-66ºF for the upper shelves and 54-66ºF for the lower shelves. Nine chrome storage racks give you plenty of space to store up to 18 standard-size bottles. If you’re looking to store Bordeaux or Champagne, you can easily remove a shelf or two.

Check this one out – Haier has received great ratings for this Best Wine Cooler unit. It is said to be a sturdy unit that keeps correct temperatures for each zone.

3. Avalon Bay AB-WINE21DS 21 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

We’re on a thermoelectric roll! This time we throw in the dual zone best wine cooler option. This is a handy feature if you enjoy a collection of both white and red wines. With a capacity of 21 standard size bottles, you are set for your next shindig!

Here’s what’s great about Avalon Bay’s unit:

  • it’s freestanding, giving you the flexibility to place the unit where you see fit (just remember to give clearance for under-counter spaces).
  • It has 6 removable chrome racks allowing you to organize your collection easily.
  • It’s a thermoelectric wonder – ie) it’s quiet
  • The dual zones allow you to cool both reds and whites at their optimal temperatures in the same unit. The upper zone can be set for 44°-64°F, while the bottom zone can be set for 51°-64°F.

It’s also a pretty refrigerator that will look great in any home. The classic black exterior set with a stainless steel trim has cool LED interior lighting to showcase your wine. Digital controls let you set your desired temperatures.

Customers love the compact size of this unit which is 21.63 inches long, 13.63 inches wide, and 31.63 inches high. It’s also easy to setup with just a few steps to install the racks and door handle. After that, you’re set – just remember to let your cooler ‘settle’ for a good 24hrs before stocking it.

4. NewAir AW-281E 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

NewAir also makes a wonderfully rated thermoelectric – quiet – wine cooler. It holds over double the amount of wine bottles than the previous Avalon model, so if you’re looking for something a little bigger, check this one out.

This is a great compact cooler that sits pretty with its stainless steel and black design yet stores up to 28 standard-size wine bottles on the 6 pull-out chrome shelves. The digital display panel allows you to adjust the interior temperature with the press of a button while the LED lighting illumines your collection behind the double-paned glass doors.

This is a freestanding unit that does have the ability to be built-in as long as you give it enough clearance from the walls since it does generate heat. The dimensions of the unit are 29.25 inches x 18.13 inches x 20.88 inches.

For a wine refrigerator on the smaller end, NewAir makes a best wine cooler unit that is sophisticated unit and budget friendly.

5. Kalamera 30 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

For those with more of a mid/higher range budget, this Kalamera unit is bringing in 4-5 star ratings.

Beech wood shelves hold up to 30 bottles of your favorite wine in this unit. The beech wood is said to allow for optimal air circulation, maintaining your bottles at their very best. The freestanding option of this fridge means that you can virtually store it anywhere! Measuring at 14.9 x 33.9 x 22.4 inches, you can place it in that ugly space where the trash compactor one was, or anywhere else in your kitchen, bar area, or wine-tasting space.

This is a compressor unit, which usually means it will be louder than the thermoelectric cooling units. However, Kalamera stands by its advanced compressor technology which provides even cooling both to your bottles and your peace of mind; customers are pleasantly surprised by how quiet this unit is, so put your earplugs away!

Chill your wines within the 40-66ºF range with one touch control on the LED display. Enjoy looking at your beautiful collection housed in a gleaming stainless steel frame and sitting behind double-layered tempered glass while being illuminated by a soft blue interior light…then imbibe!

If you like the sound of this unit but need more storage space, check out the 46 Bottle unit and the 157 Bottle unit with equally impressive reviews!

6. Allavino 172 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator (right hinge)

Dual Zones for Whites and Reds and a BIG storage capacity for your collection = Allavino. You’ll be happy you spent the extra money on this unit, as one customer noted; he was tired of the cheapo products out there that lasted all of 3 months, or less. (NB: we are not reviewing cheapo products here – only ones that get the most stars).  A quiet compressor cooler and the built-in versatility of this unit makes this a  Best Wine Cooler!

Measuring at 71.5″ H x 23.5″ W x 27.0″ D and with the venting in front, you can place this fridge anywhere. Build it into your kitchen cabinetry for a sleek, seamless look. It is a fully finished cabinet that also looks great as a freestanding unit.

Quiet. Yes, it’s a compressor unit, but no, it’s not any louder than your everyday fridge at home. In fact, it’s quieter. Allavino has a new 25% more energy efficient cooling system that reduces excess noise and vibration.

New shelf design: You will love this feature on this Best Wine Cooler! Allavino has designed FlexCount Shelves which are thin to provide maximum storage space yet strong enough to support your bottles without sagging. Ball-bearing tracks make pulling out the shelves a breeze as they glide smoothly without disturbing your collection.

Your diverse collection has plenty of space in this dual zone unit with 12 shelves that can hold up to 11 (standard size) bottles and 2 shelves that can hold up to 20 bottles. With this much space to play with, you can easily fit those larger Pinot or Champagne bottles.

It’s all digital – that is, your temperature displays. Control the temperatures of your wine with the touch of a button, sit back, and just chill.

For the left hinge version of this fridge, go here.

If you are loving this fridge but need a smaller size, no worries at all. Allavino also makes a 30 Bottle Unit, a 36 Bottle Unit, and a 56 Bottle Unit. Great reviews all around.

Here’s a link to more reviews of some of the Best Large Wine Fridges!

Done.  12 bottles or 172 – however small or large your collection is, you’ve just reviewed what The Best Wine Cooler out there looks like according to the people who are using them right now – and are happy with their units. Now instead of 600 wine fridges to choose from, you have a very manageable 6  – and they’re all top-rated! How easy was that?


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