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Two Best Selling Wine Fridges…

The ‘’prince’ and the ‘pauper’ of wine fridges – but they’re both BEST SELLERS! So what’s the difference other than price?

Aobosi Dual Zone 46 Bottle Wine Fridge

Aobosi presents you with a superb wine fridge that allows you to store both whites and reds in the same unit. Just set the temperature in the two zones to keep either variety happy!

A feature that will be favored among Champagne drinkers is the space reserved especially for larger bottles of bubbly, Pinot, etc.

Six removable beech wood shelves can store up to 46 of your favorite wines! Easy gliding shelves make choosing your drink of choice easy breezy.

Sophisticated and seamless look! Stainless steel frames this Aobosi unit which will surely coordinate with other kitchen appliances. LED lighting keeps things lit up and easy to find while the alarm will alert you if you’ve accidentally left the door open. A security lock is also a sweet feature if you have curious hands around your abode!

The front ventilation design gives you the freedom to store this unit wherever you like. Build it in to your existing under counter space or let it free stand! Quiet and energy efficient cooling system are also Aobosi features.

Check out the wonderful reviews of this Aobosi wine fridge!

Nutrichef 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

Want something a little smaller and kinder to your wallet? This Nutrichef is a best seller for many reasons…check it out

A compact cooler allows you to place this unit easily in any space be it home or office. Store your reds and whites at their ideal temperature in this single zone unit. Super easy touch temperature control buttons puts you in cooling control!

Vertical storage gives you the ability to store open bottles upright or even larger bottles with ease.

Thermoelectric cooling is known for it’s quiet cooling technology. Nutrichef keeps wine as well as customers happy with little noise and vibration to precious wine sediments!

Quality control: Nutrichef gives you a 1 year quality guarantee that you’ll be pleased with your wine fridge or you can send it back for a refund.

Start chilling today! Dual zone, single zone, 46 bottle or 18 bottle? Both are best sellers and sure to keep your wine at it’s prime.

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What is a Wine Cooler?

It’s a fresh start to a New Year and you’re ready to put your wine-ing skills into positive use! Like… starting a wine collection! You’ve seen your friends’ cool and vibey wine fridges built-in to their posh kitchens, but are they really necessary?

Wine Gifts during Cyber Week!

Amazon has some great deals on this week for Wine Gifts!

Check out these FUN WINE GIFTS for the Holidays! Save some moola and get your Holiday Shopping done!

Let them drink!

It’s coming! The Holidays are coming!!

At a loss for that perfect gift?

Try a subscription!

Shiraz: Fruity and Delicious!


Hey y’all! Remember that thing I signed up for a while back? Well, lately we tried this ‘Beaut!’ (as they say down unda!…right?)




Sooooo I tried my first bottle of wine that arrived in my Naked Wines box… and it did not disappoint.

Naked Wines: a better way to buy wine

I’ve just gone and done something. I’ve signed up to receive 9 bottles of wine from Naked Wines! In the next 3-4 days, I will receive my box of vino and get straight to business (a tough job) reviewing each bottle with you! Want to try this with me? I’ve attached a sweet deal for you to  get $100 off a 12 case of wine – just click below!

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: 15 Culinary Inspirations!

An outdoor kitchen is all the rage whether you have a small strip of lawn and itty bitty patio, a grand old backyard complete with pool, or maybe something in between. Whatever the case, if you’re loving the oven outdoors, you need some inspiration to get started! Grilling on the back porch just got a little fancier!

With all of these inspirational ideas you definitely don’t want to forget the addition of a wine fridge! Check these reviewed and recommended wine fridges…

I’ve gathered some fun ideas to make your outdoor kitchen incredible! So string up the patio lights and turn up the tunes ‘cuz we’re gonna fire up the barbie…

Wine and Chocolate Pairing


Wine and Chocolate Pairing
Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Wine and Chocolate Pairing…a love story of Cocoa and Vino

It can be a blissful occasion and a union of tantalizing flavors that complement each other in Wine and Chocolate Pairing, a.k.a. Cocoa-Vino matrimony. As February has been deemed the month of all things hearts and cupids and you are guilted compelled by the lure of commercialization to purchase that glossy red box of confectionary delights and a glistening bottle of wine to accompany, take note! Not all Cocoas will play nice with all Vinos…and vice versa.

The Best Wine Gift


We’ve all felt stuck when it comes to buying a gift for that person on your list who seems to have everything. The last thing you want to be guilty of is adding to someone’s stuff pile.

You want to find a unique gift that will surprise and delight your friends… especially the wine expert ones.

Look no further! – here you will find a unique and classy wine gift for the wine aficionado on your list this season.