This Father’s Day, Get Dad a Danby DBC2760BLS

Get Dad a Danby DBC2760BLS

Not only for the wine enthusiast, but the beverage extraordinaire as well, the Danby Silhouette (Amazon), Danby DBC2760BLS  built-in beverage center can store both your wines and your canned beverages in the same unit.  This is not your typical wine cooler, or mini fridge, the french door design and dual temperature zones set the Danby DBC2760BLS apart.  Dual functions mean twice the fun with this fridge.


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Danby DBC2760BLS
Danby Silhouette, available at Amazon

How Big is this Fridge?

The Danby DBC2760BLS has a huge capacity!  It’s 5.0 cubic feet and can store up to 60 cans and 27 bottles. (If you’re looking for large wine fridges, check these ones out too!)

Dual Zones; Do they work appropriately?

Two separate temperature control areas allow you to be in control of how cool you want each zone to be. The digital thermostat has an LED display and makes it easy for you to monitor the temperature.

Although the minimum temperature is supposed to be 39 degrees F, some reviews stated that the lowest temperatures to be reached are really between 40 and 65 degrees F. However, one customer noted that if the fridge is fully stocked, it can reach to the advertised 39 degrees F. (Read more about the prime temperatures for storing wine.)

This is a great dual temperature and dual purpose unit if you don’t want a unit solely for storing wine.


What many people love about the Danby DBC2760BLS is the French door design.  Not only is it practical, but it presents well too.  The blue LED track lighting adds elegance while highlighting your collection without the harmful effects of an incandescent bulb, which can ruin a good bottle of wine.

The versatility of this unit also receives good reviews.  If you don’t have a built-in space for it, you can easily place the unit anywhere in your home.  The shelves and door trim are stainless steel while the rest of the cabinet is black; it looks great in any room.

Integrated door locks are a super feature.  Keep unwanted hands out of your unit!

Cooling Technology

Due to the size and capacity of the Danby DBC2760BLS, it is cooled by a compressor.  Most reviewers state that it’s pretty quiet and if the doors are not constantly opened and shut, the fans will not have to keep powering on to keep your beverages cool. The fan forced cooling system keeps your unit frost free and is more efficient than an automatic defrost system.

The front vent allows you to place this fridge flush against a wall. No heat will build up in the rear of your unit.

Storage and Shelving

Although the 11 shelves are not adjustable, they can be totally removed in order to clean and store larger bottles.

Danby DBC2760BLS Added Details

  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Cooler Width (in.): 23.81
  • Depth (Including Handles): 24.81 in
  • Product Depth (in.): 24.81
  • Product Height (in.): 34.44
  • Product Width (in.): 23.81
  • Voltage: 115
  • Wire shelving
  • Energy Star certified
  • Warranty: 90 day return policy (you can pay extra to extend your warranty)


If you’re looking for a unit that will store more than just wine, the Danby DBC2760BLS seems to do a dandy job.  The price is steeper, but happy customers say it is worth the extra money to be able to store a variety of beverages, especially if you’re going to use the product on a regular basis.

Some reviews complain of the fan noise.  This is a popular complaint with compressor cooling machines and while some hate the amount of noise their unit emits, others say it’s pretty quiet and isn’t any louder than other appliances.  So if you’re sensitive to noise, maybe check out some of the thermoelectric coolers out there which are quieter but may not have a big storage capacity.

All in all, this unit has good reviews!  Customers are happy with its user-friendly and elegant design, easy installation, quality, and various features.

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