Karcassin 36 Bottle Wine Cooler

Have you heard of this one? I haven’t! So here’s Karcassin’s debut on the Vintner’s Cellar…

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So what distinguishes the Karcassin Wine Cooler from the rest? Well, you know what they say, “Never judge a book by it’s cover.” But let’s face it, appearances are the first thing we take note of! And this fridge, is elegantly designed and functional!

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French doors give an air of sophistication to this wine cooler. And what’s more, this unit is DUAL-ZONED! Yes! Keep your reds and whites in the same wine fridge at their own separate temperatures!


Upper zones can be set from 41º – 54º and lower zones from 54º- 64º. Keeping your wine at its prime is easy and right at your fingertips! The handy memory function remembers what temperatures to restore the wine cooler to in the case of a power outage too!


Let’s go inside, shall we? Here we have 6 beautiful beech wood shelves to store up to 36 bottles (750ml size)! LED lights showcase your collection and give that modern appeal. Never run out of space to store your vintage with this Karcassin Wine Cooler!


One feature that will grab your attention if you’re a parent of small children is the security lock! You can close those French doors with the peace of mind knowing that your littles cannot easily open to doors to play with mommy and daddy’s pretty bottle collection. Locks automatically after 3 minutes of closing the doors.


There’s nothing like the sound of silent appliances! Who wants a buzzing refrigerator making a racket while you’re trying to enjoy dinner or a movie? The Karcassin Wine Cooler has an Advanced Compressor system to keep air circulating with no disturbance to your wine’s sediments.


Whether you have a space to build the Karcassin in or you want to free stand the unit, it’s up to you. Personalize your space with this functional wine fridge under your cabinet or elsewhere. The kick plate feature, allows a seamless look for the built-in option!

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Hit the wineries! And the sales! You now have room to store all the whites and reds!


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