Let them drink Nakedwines.com!

It’s coming! The Holidays are coming!!

At a loss for that perfect gift?

Try a Nakedwines.com subscription!

What is Nakedwine.com? Here’s a little recap:

NakedWines.com was established in 2008 in the UK. ‘Angels,’ or investors, have helped over 159 independent winemakers in 14 countries.

Having this financial backing in place, these winemakers ensure a quality product.  NakedWines.com cuts out the middleman, slashes the costs of labels, bottles and corks (the wine is bought in barrels), and guarantees a quality wine without any artificial enzymes added.

Quality over quantity makes for better wine and happier customers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. NakedWines has ‘Angels’ – patrons who invest $40/month into their naked wines piggy bank.

  2. This ‘Angel’ money  invests in independent winemakers.

  3. In return, these winemakers sell their premium wines back at wholesale prices (40-60% off retail)!

  4. NakedWines then passes on the vino goodness back to their Angels and Cheers! Everyone is happy.


You can find out more about the winemakers you’re investing in which makes it a little more personal 😉


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