Portable Mini Fridge

This mini fridge is so coooool! It’s cute, comes in different colors, and is great for travel!

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Cooluli Portable Mini Fridge

So you’re used to me reviewing just wine fridges, but I stumbled upon this cool unit and had to do more research. The Cooluli Mini Fridge is a versatile little appliance great for travel, offices, and even your college kids’ dorm room (sans alcohol of course!)

What’s great about this mini fridge is that you could use it as a wine cooler fridge! Wine likes to be kept at certain temperatures depending on the type and the Cooluli can do that for you!

Customized digital temperature control! Need I say more? This sleek little fridge can become your own wine cooler by simply adjusting the perfect temperature just for wine. Take Cooluli in the car on your way to the big family reunion and keep your wines secure and at the right temperature.

How mini is mini? The Cooluli is compact yet spacious with a 20 liter capacity. Carry your goods easily with the two inset handles on either side: portable!

Did I mention how portable this mini fridge is? It’s about the same weight as a 3 month old baby…! 13 pounds to be exact if you were trying to figure that one out. You can literally pick this baby up and pop it in your car to go anywhere!

Energy Efficient! Modern technology has allowed the Cooluli mini fridge to save your energy bill with its innovative semiconductor operation. Eco-friendly and ultra-quiet adds to the win!

Cool and/or Pretty! I love it when you can personalize your appliances with your favorite color! If there’s ever a turquoise option, it’s all mine. Next best option: pink. These mini fridges come in Aqua Blue (Yay!), Pink, Black, and White. Which color are you….?

As an added bonus, you can switch the temperature of this mini fridge from cooling to warming! Perfect for storing breastmilk, formula, beauty products or anything that needs a stable, warmer temperature.

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It’s Cool. It’s Cooluli!

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