Pumpkin Wine! Not just for lattés anymore…

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It’s PSL Season! But did you know that it can also be PSW Season? Yes, you heard correctly: Pumpkin Spice Wine can be in your glass this holiday.

Three Lakes Winery hails from good ole’ Wisconsin from the McCain family’s vineyard. It is the second oldest winery in the state and has made a great name for itself by producing original fruit wines made from cranberries and pumpkins!

Their original wines have become a staple for Thanksgiving and Christmas tables due to their uniqueness and most accomodating flavors. Some pumpkin wine to go with your pumpkin pie, Aunt Maude? Or perhaps you’d like the Cranberry Wine to compliment this succulent turkey? Yes, Please!

In 1972, Three Lakes Winery debuted their Cranberry Wine and it took off with a splash! The best part is that there are no flavorings or juices added! This fruit wine will grace your table perfectly this coming holiday season.

But wait! It doesn’t stop at Cranberry…think PUMPKIN! Just when you were tired of all the PSL talk that starts at 12 AM September 1…in walks Pumpkin Wine! 

Pumpkin Wine is pure pumpkin vino goodness. And it’s ONLY made from pie PUMPKINS! Before you scrunch your nose at the thought, consider the fact that this winery sells it year-round because of its popularity. Order it HERE!

The winery notes that their Pumpkin Wine is similar to the qualities of a smooth, semi-sweet Chardonnay and is a “surprising crowd pleaser.” I don’t know about you, but I’m sold. Three Lakes Winery is also the first of its kind to make and perfect a wine purely from pumpkins.

Hey! If you live or are travelling in the area, why not stop by and have a tasting? The historic tasting room, built in 1880 is located in Downtown Three Lakes in the Chicago and Northwestern train depot. Taste up to 6 wines for FREE – and good luck choosing those 6!

They also have great gifts to go along with that bottle of Wisconsin Cranberry or Pumpkin wine! Check out their shop!

I found some great wine charms perfect for the Fall Season and holiday dinners! Check these out too!

Pumpkin Wine can make you crafty!! Here are some fun ideas to decorate for the Fall Season!



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