Quarantine Wine Glasses…

Have you heard of the new Happy Hour? It’s called Quarantine Wine Time. Location: Your home. Hours: let’s still be responsible adults and stick with 5. Who: You and your roommate, spouse, or dog.

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Here’s some trivia for you and you can take it how ya like it, but during this COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol sales have skyrocketed…unlike the rest of our economy which has done the opposite.

Strange world we’re living in, but instead of drinking ourselves into despondency, let’s come closer to our loved ones, those we’re living with on the every day and indulge in good conversation and togetherness while we enjoy a sippa of our favorite vino.

And to make it more fun, why not sip out of a hilarious quarantine-inspired glass? Take these for example:

These glasses are more funny when shared with others though, don’t you think? So please, drink responsibly! And Happy Quarantine!


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