Staircase to Wine-derland: Spiral Wine Cellars

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Spiral Wine Cellars
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Average wine cellars watch out for this one! I just came across the most amazing and innovative way to store your wine, I am not kidding, it made me squeal a little with delight.  Imagine this – you’re hosting a dinner party and you go to retrieve your best wine for the occasion in your wine cellar, concealed under the floor, beneath a trap-door.  You open the door and descend down a spiral staircase and choose a perfectly and naturally chilled bottle of pinot and ascend through the floor to the utter astonishment of your guests.  This is for real! Spiral Wine Cellars!


How do they build these wine cellars you may ask? Well, pretty easily it seems.  In 3 to 9 days you could have your very own cellar cavern underneath your kitchen or living room floor.  Since these cellars are not habitable (only for wine!) you shouldn’t need to get a permit either.  All you need is a great collection of wine, a thousand bottles easily will fit, and any ground floor. Pretty simple.  Oh, and the cash for the job!


I love this idea, and if I had an indispensable income, it would be a must-have in my home.  But what I think is ingenious about these spiral wine cellars, is that your wines are naturally chilled by the earth!  The cellar has a concrete shell that allows warm air to continuously be replaced by cool air, just like an old-fashioned cellar. The process of building one of these doesn’t seem to be too complicated either.  It would be a pretty fun job to watch, especially if you have construction-loving kids.  Better than TV.


The damsel in me is swooning over these spiral wine cellars.  Check out more pictures and information I came across on a UK website, here.

For some tips on building your own wine cellar (non-spiralized version), check this article out!

If you have the wine collection (remember, you can store up to 1900 bottles!), and the capital, why wouldn’t you invest in one of these wine cellar wonders? And while you’re at it, see if a dragon comes with. 😉


Spiral Wine Cellar
Spiral Wine Cellar
Spiral Wine Cellar
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