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We’ve all felt stuck when it comes to buying a gift for that person on your list who seems to have everything. The last thing you want to be guilty of is adding to someone’s stuff pile.

You want to find a unique gift that will surprise and delight your friends… especially the wine expert ones.

Look no further! – here you will find a unique and classy wine gift for the wine aficionado on your list this season.

Wine Glass/Bottle Markers

Here’s a fun and practical gift that doesn’t have you and your guests guessing who’s wine belongs to whom at your next dinner party. Choose from a classy metallic color to write with and then wash it off at the evening’s end.

Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator

This is a TOP RATED wine gift! With over 1,000 reviews and receiving 5 stars from super satisfied customers, you can’t go wrong with this one. It even comes with a gift bag!

Rechargeable Wine Corker and Chiller

Not your average wine corker! This cordless wine opener is easy to use, allowing you to open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. No turning or twisting required – just touch the button and your wine is un-corked in a matter of seconds. A thermal stainless-steel wine chiller is included and will keep your vintage cool for hours.  

Wine Scented Candle

Give a wine gift of aroma with this wine scented candle. Rewind makes a variety of wine-infused scented candles ranging from Sangria to Champagne. Relax and unwind with Rewind – made in the USA in Charleston, SC.

Owl Toppers Wine Stoppers

Whooo doesn’t like a sweet owl to bottle up your wine? Made from food-grade silicone, these smart-looking owl wine stoppers not only look clever, but they keep your wine fresh with their airtight seal. This wine gift will be a hoot!

Little Birdie Wine Glass Markers – and MORE designs!

These are just plain tweet! A tiny bird  perched on your wine glass’ rim helps to distinguish yours from the rest. These aren’t your typical wine glass charms, they’re tweeter. (Note: the image here shows the cactus variation – very cute too. Choose from watermelons, cats, dogs, pineapples, and unicorns too!)

Stained Glass Wine Glass

Wine and art is a beautiful combination displayed in this stunning pair of wine glasses. Experience the exquisite colors and patterns painted by experts on these hand-made glasses which have been masterfully mouth-blown and then hand-painted. Reminiscent of cathedral windows, these glasses are sure to inspire. 

Hand Blown Glass Wine Decanter

Hand blown, and made from 100% lead-free crystal,  this is a beautiful and functional piece that allows you to decant a standard 750ml bottle of your favorite wine.

Wine Chilling Pearls

Place these pearls in your freezer before using and then pop them into your glass to keep your cocktail or wine chilled to perfection! Glamorous, sexy, and of course, practical, these stainless steel ‘pearls’ can be used for any beverage you want to keep chilled without watering it down. They add a sparkle to your glass too!


Have your friends heard of the Corksicle? You might get a laugh out of your guests but the Corksicle is just that – it’s an icicle on a cork! Chill it in the freezer before using and then place it into your wine bottle upon opening to keep your whites nice and chilled and your reds to a perfect cellar temperature. Get rid of the ice bucket which can make your bottles too cold and ruin complex flavor subtleties in your glass, and bring the Corksicle to your next gathering.

Coffvee:  Wine – Infused Coffee

Wine and coffee enthusiasts unite! The Vera Roasting Company has crafted a unique brew that is made of 100% Arabica beans. Resveratrol, an antioxidant that is naturally found in red wine is combined with the coffee beans creating a rich, lightly roasted cup of coffee that is also heart-healthy. Feel good about your Coffvee in the morning and share a cup with friends.

Owl Wine Holder

A wise solution to hold and display a bottle of wine is with this beautifully sculpted and hand-painted snowy owl. This well-crafted owl is a perfect holiday gift for the fowl/wine lover on your list. Humorously, snowy owl holds the wine bottle between its wings as if taking a swig – a fun conversation and decor piece for the home. 

Hammered Copper Wine Chiller

A timeless piece that adds elegance to your home and your wine bottle is this hammered copper wine chiller. Don’t be fooled by its sophisticated look, your wine is kept perfectly chilled in the stainless steel double-walled construction. A tarnish-resistant finish keeps the copper from turning and makes it easy to maintain. A stylish and practical wine gift.

Deer Antler Wine Holder

Hey y’all! Looking for a rustic wine accessory to go with your cabin/outdoorsy décor? Let this deer’s rack hold up to 4 bottles of wine and become a great conversation piece in your home too. Fun for the nature-lover on your list.

Wine Barrel-Shaped Wine Rack

Have a little fun when storing your wine in this wine-barrel rack. This is a great decorative and functional piece that can hold up to 6 bottles of wine. It’s small enough to place on kitchen counters but large enough to be set on the floor.

Electric Wine Opener Gift Set

Another Amazon Best Seller! Comes in a stylish gift box. This wine gift set is sure to impress.

Sculpted Wine Glasses

These aren’t your ordinary wine glasses – they’re works of modern art. Beautiful hand-blown glass gives shape to these easy to grip wine glasses. A perfect, unique wine gift for the art appreciator/wine imbiber on your list! Check out these mulled wine glasses too with recipes for mulled wine.

Wine Bottle Candle Chimney

Save your wine bottles and create exquisite lamps with these candle chimneys. Simply pour lamp oil into your empty wine bottle,  insert the candle wick piece and place the glass lamp over the top and you have medieval-like illumination!  

Wine Cork Shadow Box

Sometimes you open a bottle of wine and pull out a cork that has a beautiful design on it that you just can’t throw away.  Or perhaps that bottle of wine had some great memories to go with it. Keep your cork and those memories in a lovely shadow box that you can hang on your wall as a unique piece of nostalgic art.

Wine Bottle Candelabra

Create your own candelabra the next time you finish a bottle of wine! Place the votive candle holder ‘topper’ into your wine bottle and you have a whimsical illuminated centerpiece and a unique wine gift!

Cheese Platter with Soap Stone Chalk Board

What wine connoisseur can go without a cheese platter? This platter is especially unique and practical and is great to use at parties. The soap stone chalk board allows you to write the name of the cheese variety right on the board- convenient and informative for you and your guests!

There you have it! 21 wine gifts and reasons why you don’t need to fret this holiday season when you pull out ‘Uncle Wine-Expert’s’ name from the gift exchange hat.  Cheers! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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