Valentine’s Day Wine Gifts!

Looking for ideas to get your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Check out some of these sweet ideas!

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Stemless Wine Glasses

Practical, yes, functional, most definitely! Pair with your sweetie’s favorite bottle of vino and this is a great gift that you can use right away!

Aerating Wine Glasses

Speaking of wine glasses, THESE glasses are a little less traditional and a little more edgy – if you can see what I mean! These self-aerating wine glasses will literally spin your wine around for you in the glass. The unique design allows oxidation to take place in your glass as it swirls around!

May Contain Wine T-Shirt

A funny and more casual gift is this comfy tee. A clever way to present this gift would be to wrap a bottle of wine with it…you’re welcome 😉

Cozy Wine Slippers

Who doesn’t love a cozy pair of slippers in February?! Especially if your special cozy person is a wine imbiber.

Wine-y Socks

For the lazy person in your life? Or the one who will get a kick out of these socks without kicking you for gifting them!

Wine Necklace

For your sweet lady who loves jewelry and wine enough to wear wine as her jewelry…! This piece is tasteful and dainty and comes in a pretty rose color for your Rosé lover…

Beverage Fridge

If you have a little more of a budget for your Val-pal this year, maybe he’d, like a beverage fridge for his ‘cave’ or office! (It can fit wine too!)

Check out more portable fridges in an variety of colors!

Wine Tote

Plan a romantic Valentines Picnic and impress your sweetheart with this stylish tote that carries your vino. Don’t forget the chocolate dipped strawberries!

Portable Wine Tote with Dispenser!

Wine-on-the-go people you need this tote! I guess it would be very practical on your romantic picnic? I think it’s funny, so give to your valentine who has a sense of humor, OR who is, in fact, the most practical of wine-imbibing persons.

Wine Basket

Bring this basket with you but I suggest presenting it AS YOU MAKE DINNER. As with gift baskets, they can be a tad impersonal, so you need a personal touch added to this – bring diamonds too.

Ivation Wine Gift Set

All the gadgets for your wine valentine!

Super Girl-y Gift Set

LOVE Pink? No, not the bras and undies, these PINK wine tumblers! I think they’re pretty, and the ratings do too.

The Ultimate Picnic Wine Basket

Take your loved one on a most romantic wine and cheese getaway and pack some appetizers in this wicker basket reminiscent of the English countryside…

A Royal Pair

We’re not forgetting about the ale imbibers, especially those of whom do it with a royal flair.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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