Ah-mazing Autumn Wine Bottle Craft Ideas!

wine bottle crafts

Wine bottles aren’t just for recycling anymore. Think: Wine Bottle Crafts!

With the arrival of Autumn my brain goes to crafting. Why? Because the weather (usually) gets cooler (not yet, I’m in TN), the colors of Fall start to show, and Christmas is just around the corner!  I’m gonna get all Martha-y on you! So grab that wine bottle you finished off last weekend (or maybe the 2 or 3 empty ones….), your glue gun, some fall colored embellishments and let’s get crafting!


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Some of my Favorite Fall Wine Bottle Crafts…



wine bottle crafts Paints, buttons, & string. These are a few of my favorite things… Make this with your kids for a festive table centerpiece or mantel decoration! 

2.wine bottle crafts

A more ‘grown-up’ version perhaps of my number 1. idea! You don’t need to paint these bottles; just steam off the labels and decorate with Autumn-inspired decals. Create whimsical wine bottle crafts by making vases with sunflowers and colored leaves. Check out the source here.

3.wine bottle crafts

I love this simple and elegant wine bottle crafts idea. Silver spray paint, some sequins or sticker gems and a sharpie! Gather some acorns and branches outside to create this sweet fall-inspired vase trio. Here’s where I found it…

4.wine bottle crafts

GLITTER! Isn’t just for Christmas! No way! Bust out the gold, red, and orange glitter now and beautify your bottles for Fall! The nice thing about this wine bottle crafts idea is that all you really need to create this look is a can of glitter spray paint OR spray adhesive and your own glitter to roll the bottle in. So EASY! and ohhh soon Glittery! Check out the glitter source here.

5.wine bottle crafts

Don’t forget the hemp string this Fall for this wine bottle craft! Wrap  your wine bottle around with some of this fall-ish twine, and add some pretty autumn foliage! That’s it and it’s a pretty one. Simple, rustic, and Autumn-inspired. Find it here.

6.wine bottle crafts

Illuminate your wine bottles with small fairy lights or even a small string of Christmas lights! Wrap the top with some of that hemp string you already have from previous wine bottle crafts idea and you have yourself a magnificent centerpiece ready for Thanksgiving! Place some baubles, bangles, and Fall leaves around the bottom to create a little vase nest. Beauty! Find this idea here.


I am not a fan of candy corn, the candy. But I am a fan of these candy corn inspired wine bottles! Using the candy on a silver platter for extra embellishment is a great idea too – they may not last long though if you have littles! Bust out the spray paint and make these ombre bottles for a fun twist this Autumn. Check out the page here…

Happy Crafting!

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