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Sooooo I tried my first bottle of wine that arrived in my Naked Wines box… and it did not disappoint.

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Karen Birmingham’s Zinfandel is a stunning berry-filled, cinnamon-y with a hint of cocoa and vanilla glass of goodness!

If you like slightly sweeter red wines that go down nice n’ easy, I say definitely give this one a GO! Something I learned from a wine connoisseur not long ago was that California wines (like K. Birmingham’s) are generally sweeter and not as dry as European ones. New world wines are usually sweeter than Old World wines and that’s why I like ’em! But I will be giving some Old World wines a try too, don’t you worry!

First thing I notice about Karen’s wine is the luscious smell of the berries come through.


1. Smell the back of your hand (to neutralize your nose).

2. Cover the top of your wine glass with one hand while swirling it with the other.

3. Lift your hand off and stick your nose in to capture ALL the amazing aromas!

4. Try it! It’s very fun, and you’ll impress your friends with your cool wine skills.


This Zin from Lodi, CA is great with burgers, BBQ ribs, grilled meats, and hearty pastas like lasagna.

Check out this article about wine and food pairing!

What’s cool about Naked Wines is that you are investing directly into independent winemakers like Karen Birmingham. With support from Naked Wines, Karen doesn’t have to worry about rushing the growing and fermenting time of her grapes by adding chemicals so she gets wine on shelves to sell. Nope, she can let the grapes do their thing the natural way knowing that her wine will be enjoyed by numerous Naked Wine investors.

With 15% alcohol this zinfandel goes down easy, so be careful! You’ve been warned. 😉



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